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EDGE Electrolytes is the world's most innovative hydration mix. Our formula was born of a desire to keep you performing at your best when you need it most - during work, play or a 40km ride.

We use real fruit for an authentic taste that doesn't linger and a dash of cane sugar for that extra energy boost to take you over the top.

In an industry-first we've replaced the usual sodium and potassium compounds (for electrolytes) with cOMx™ - our Complete Ocean Mineral Complex. It is LOW in Sodium, RICH in magnesium and naturally contains over 70 different major and trace minerals. When prepared as directed every serve of EDGE Electrolytes packs an amazing 150mg of Magnesium.

Our decade-long pursuit of formulating the perfect hydration mix (that only contains four ingredients) is the ultimate testament to our dedication and belief in this product. Try EDGE Electrolytes today and see the difference it makes to your overall performance, recovery and wellbeing.



The Science

  • cOMx™ (Sea Minerals): has a lot more to offer than a few standout mineral stars. It’s the complete ocean mineral complex that makes it very special. Naturally containing over 70 different major and trace minerals including Iodine for normalizing thyroid function and metabolism, Manganese to regulate help blood sugar, synthesize fats and carbohydrates, and this is just the start, there is a lot more.

  • Magnesium: When it comes to overall health, Magnesium is probably the most influential element of the periodic table, this mineral plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of fat and protein, as well as muscle function. In fact, “adequate” dietary Magnesium helps improve recovery time and provides relief from muscle aches - something anyone who regularly works out can more than appreciate. Magnesium also helps to increase energy, regulate other minerals, and helps protect against many different metabolic disorders. Magnesium is the backbone of the cOMx™ system and gram for gram no other product on the market packs as much Magnesium into every serve as Edge.

  • Sodium: This mineral is essential in order to maintain fluid balance including blood volume. As a mineral that carries an electrical charge (electrolyte) the role that it plays by triggering muscle contraction and nerve impulses is essential. You need to ensure adequate sodium intake in order to stay properly hydrated and to perform at your best.

  • Potassium: In an advanced complex like EDGE, Potassium acts as the moderator for your metabolism, nervous system and balance of water in the body. Plus, potassium is the ultimate wingman in fighting the onset of high blood pressure, stroke, heart and kidney disorders and the underestimated plague of the modern athlete - stress. Potassium is important for people who workout on a regular basis as the electrolyte has been shown to help decrease recovery time.
  • Iron: This mineral is key to muscle growth and endurance. Iron helps metabolise proteins, aids the production of red blood cells and prevents fatigue. There's a reason Iron is associated with resolve and endurance!